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  • How far will Jeremy travel?
    Jeremy will travel to anywhere as long as his travel fees are covered. Jeremy is able to fly, but there are some props that he can't fly with, which will restrict some parts of his show. However, he promises to not disappoint!
  • How much does a show cost?
    Jeremy sees his juggling as a ministry. So he does'nt have set fees for churches. Jeremy tries to be affordable to all churches. Jeremy rarely turns down any gig as long as he has his travel covered and something for his time.
  • Can Jeremy perform outside?
    Yes, however there are parts of Jeremy's shows that can't be outside and if it is raining or really windy it is going to further hinder what Jeremy is able to do even more.
  • How Long Is a Typical Performance?
    A typical show lasts for 30-45 minutes. However the length of the show can vary from an hour to 20 minutes to best fit your event. Jeremy can also has enough matterial to do camps, vbs, and retreats that last for mulitiple days.
  • How do I book a show?
    The easiest way to book a show is by filling out a booking request form. You can fill out a booking request form by clicking on the booking page on the left hand side of the webpage. You can also email Jeremy at or calli/text him at 304-290-7203.
  • Does Jeremy require a mic or any other sound support?
    Depending on the size of the crowd and the performing area Jeremy may require a lapel mic. Jeremy also uses music in his performances, so Jeremy requires a way to for music to be played and someone to play the music for him.
  • How much room does Jeremy need to do my show?
    Jeremy can perform in almost any given space, however at least a 8ftx8ft space is preferred. Also high ceilings are preferred but not necessary. Jeremy can still perform with low ceilings, but it might hinder what tricks Jeremy is am able to do.
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